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Free Hosting Manager is an open source CPanel/WHM Account Creator designed for free hosting companies. It is coded with PHP and MySQL. Our aim is to make free hosting management as easy, simple and hassle-free as possible.

*UPDATE* Free Hosting Manager is undergoing a complete overhaul at the moment which we hope will go live in October/November 2009 (It's taking longer than anticipated). Until then, certain features of the site such as the Free Hosting Manager Demo are unavailable though you can still download the script from our Download page. Until then, thank you for your patience and we hope you like the script.

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Free Hosting Manager V2.0 features a new client CP and a forced ads module!
Updated: 13th February 2009

New Features for V2.0

  • Client Control Panel
  • Forced Ads Module (More info)
  • Admin CP - Client Management
  • Support Tickets
  • Manual Install Feature
  • Language Files
  • Template Files
  • Accounting file included
  • Several Bugs Fixed from V2.0
  • More Features

Planned Features for V2.1

  • Download System
  • Knowledge Base Addon
  • SALT encrypted MD5 passwords
  • Updated Captcha Image
  • More features to signup keys
  • Link newsletter addon with clients
  • Fix possible email bug


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